John Burns

In 2006 John Burns made a declaration:

“ I have decided that the Company should be a force for good. I want Burns to not only be known for natural pet food, but also for establishing and maintaining a legacy of good causes in the community”

That very year Burns Pet Nutrition Foundation was founded. Following a period of significant growth both in activity and in staff, the charity was assimilated as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in February 2016.

The charity employs 13 staff, and has a branch in Ireland

By today the charity employs 13 staff, and has a branch in Ireland. Our aim is very simple, and that is to make a difference to the lives of people and companion animals across the UK. Quite often people assume that our focus is entirely on animal based activity, and though we do have programmes based around just that, we are constantly developing exciting new projects and partnerships. These aim to help enhance the lives of disadvantaged people, by offering practical recreational facilities and life skill opportunities, as well as using the arts, the outdoors and events to bring enjoyment to the whole community. The charity has recently moved to its flagship new home, at Canolfan John Burns Centre, Kidwelly

Child reading with adult and dog

The charity has three main programmes: