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We offer a range of recreational activities

The Better Tomorrow programme was formalised in 2016 with the aim of helping children, young people and adults who may be at risk of social isolation.

The programme has grown and developed over the last three years, reaching out to individuals of all ages.  The programme offers a range of recreational activities, that are designed to develop and enhance valuable life skills.

Burns School Garden Project

Our Key objectives

Our key objective is to improve the self-esteem of our participants by encouraging:

  • Fun
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Meaningful learning
  • Structure and discipline
  • Social interaction
Craft Activity

Our activities

The activities we offer are centred around horticulture/conservation, woodwork, arts & crafts. 

Activities are set in very tranquil locations, often using the natural environment as a setting.  Following the model of Social Enterprise, many of the products made are sold or created for the benefit of the community. The funds that are raised from various events/sales are reinvested into the growth & development of the Foundation.

This provides the individuals with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment and has a positive impact on their self-worth.